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Our Pygmy Goats About the Pygmy Goats...

Our two adult pygmy goats, Bugsy and Tallulah arrived in early May. They were part of a larger herd so were slightly nervous of people - but they are steadily getting friendlier!

Guests are welcome to feed the goats. They do like a little grass from time to time but they don't like to eat off the floor - so keep hold of the grass rather than dropping it and they will - if they are hungry - come and eat it from your hand.

Feeding the Goats

Please Note: Guests should ensure that they wash their hands after feeding or touching the goats.

We like to let the goats roam the grounds as often as possible so, if you see that the gate is closed, please ensure you close it again after you enter or leave the property.

Guests must keep dogs under control around the goats as they do get a bit nervous (especially Tallulah).

Some Introductions...



Bugsy is our castrated male (poor bloke!). On arrival at the Coach House, he was probably the most nervous of the goats. He is now the most friendly - enjoying a good scratch!



Tallulah, our female, is probably the most nervous of the goats so may not allow you too close.

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